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Data Driven Resilience & Preparedness: QCAP presents on Shaping Northern Ireland’s Future Post-Covid

On 21 November 2023, QCAP Director Professor Kathryn Higgins presented on QCAP's Data for Action pillar at the "Data, Social Resilience and Preparedness” session held at Stormont Estate.

(L to R: Dr Ian Shuttleworth, Dr Philip Wales, Professor Mike Clarke and Professor Kathryn Higgins)

This event was jointly hosted by Northern Ireland's Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA), Queen's University Belfast and the Public Health Agency (PHA).

Professor Higgins presented alongside a panel of experts including Professor Ian Young (Chief Scientific Officer, PHA), NISRA's Chief Executive Dr Philip Wales, and Dr Ian Shuttleworth, QCAP's strategic lead for Data for Action. Their presentations were followed by interactive workshops examining Northern Ireland's post-COVID-19 research and information needs across such areas as mental health, clinical care delivery, the economy and education.

Workshops were led by sector leaders Professor Siobhan O'Neill (Northern Ireland Mental Health Champion), Dr David Jordan (Queen’s Business School) on economic needs and Professor Sarah Miller (School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work) on education. The event opened with an overview presentation by Professor Mike Clarke (Centre for Public Health). Representing QCAP, Amanda Dylina Morse also attended, supporting the Q&A and networking with attendees. The organisers plan to publish a report summarizing insights and recommendations from this timely symposium on leveraging data to build resilience.