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Media Lab

Queen's MediaLab is a new interdisciplinary research facility which draws creative & engineering expertise around virtual production & immersive technologies.

At the MediaLab we are researching a future where creatively-led, technologically-driven practitioners thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape. Our mission is to be the catalyst for creative and critical engagement at the nexus of digital design, virtual world-building, and game technology utilisation. We are committed to facilitating and supporting innovation, artistic expression, and forward-thinking technological exploration in advanced media production and undertaking horizon scanning for the emerging Metaverse. 

Our vision is rooted in three core principles:

  • Equitable Creativity

    We believe in the boundless potential of human imagination. Our lab exists to empower technical artists and designers, offering them the tools, knowledge, and resources to transform their creative visions into tangible digital experiences. We foster an environment where innovative thinking and artistic expression are celebrated and nurtured. 

  • Pushing Boundaries

    In the ever-evolving landscape of digital design and technology, stagnation is not an option. We aspire to be at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. By encouraging experimentation and embracing emerging technologies, we aim to redefine the way digital environments are conceived, virtual worlds are built, and game technology is leveraged.

  • Shaping the Metaverse

    The Metaverse represents the next frontier of human interaction and creativity. We are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in shaping the Metaverse of tomorrow. Through technology futures analysis and horizon scanning, we will anticipate emerging trends and ensure that our community is well-prepared to thrive in this interconnected digital universe. 

In pursuit of this vision, we commit ourselves to a collaborative spirit, where multidisciplinary teams work hand in hand, bridging the gap between art and technology. Together, we will inspire, innovate, and create a future where the fusion of creativity and technology leads to immersive, transformative digital experiences that captivate, educate, and connect people in ways previously unimaginable. 

Join us on this journey of exploration and transformation as we champion the convergence of design, technology, and the Metaverse, propelling our field into uncharted territories of limitless possibilities.