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Cell Therapy Facility

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The Cellular Therapy Facility has been open since September 2018.

The two Grade C (Class 10,000, ISO grade 7) rooms were designed by Hamilton Architects and the refurbishment of the Plenum building carried out by Turkington Construction.

The first cellular therapy dispensed in January 2019 was part of a clinical trial run in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Clinical Trials unit and BHSCT.

The Regional Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Service (RPQAS) is also located in the Plenum building. The RPQAS which is responsible for providing quality assurance to Victoria Pharmaceuticals, the Belfast Trust and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland.

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Also located in the Plenum building is Victoria Pharmaceuticals, the regional manufacturing component of the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Victoria provides all Trusts in Northern Ireland with unlicensed and over-labelled products essential to healthcare delivery.

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