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The NI-HPC Centre is a UK Tier-2 National High Performance Computing (HPC) facility funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and jointly managed by Queen's University Belfast (QUB) and  Ulster University. The £2M investment from EPSRC will have significant impact for science, by expanding the use of HPC to new pools of talent and new areas of investigation for Northern Ireland. This will be done by building on the strong collaboration between Ulster University and QUB, already established through two major city deal initiatives.

The centre hosts the Kelvin-2 system - Please see details here. The hardware is supplied by DELL with a managed service provided through AlcesFlight.

Kelvin-2 is focused on introducing new aspects of HPC modelling for neurotechnology and computational neuroscience, advanced chemistry, innovative drug delivery, precision medicine, metabolomics and hydrogen safety. The focus of the service will be on six ambitious research exemplar projects that are directly associated with strategically important research centres in both institutions. Up to 65% of Kelvin-2 is reserved for Tier-2 use by QUB and Ulster University who are contributing towards the running costs of the facility. The remaining 35% of the service is available free of charge to researchers in the UK through EPSRC Access to High Performance Computing application process.


Queen's University (Lead Partner)

Queens University of Belfast is proud to be the Lead Partner for the NI-HPC facility. Researchers in the NI-HPC from QUB specialise in:

  • Chemistry, Catalysis
  • Pharmacy
  • Food Fingerprinting
  • Precision Medicine

Principal Investigator: Roger Woods

Ulster University

Ulster University is a proud partner of the NI-HPC consortium. Researchers at Ulster University use and develop machine learning techniques across:

  • Neurotechnology and Neuroscience
  • Hydrogen safety
  • Precision Medicine

Principal Investigator: Jim Harkin