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LOGO: Queen's University Belfast

Northern Ireland Technology Centre

Northern Ireland Technology Centre

Operating for over 40 years the Northern Ireland Technology Centre a technology and innovation centre specialising in design, knowledge engineering and manufacturing. It bridges the gap between academic research and commercial production to meet industries needs and offer advanced solutions for customers in various sectors, such as aerospace, industrial equipment, energy, consumer products, manufacturing and packaging. As a leading commercial service provider and one of Queen's University Belfast's primary links with industry, working with companies has led the NITC to build a strong international reputation, helping raise the local sector's value proposition and competitiveness.

We facilitate the application of technology for social and economic benefit through collaboration between education and industry.

We facilitate access to leading-edge technology and processes.

We accelerate the positive and effective resolution of specific challenges identified by industry.

We believe that through appropriate, efficient and decisive transfer of knowledge and expertise, industry and society can be empowered through the intelligent application of technology