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Images Of Incoming



As the project has two academic partners, an important area of the work has been to produce academic materials, including conference presentations and book chapters.

This section contains a presentation delivered online by facilitator, Asma Niazi and moderator, Tess Maginess to a conference organised by CARNET (The Croatian Academic and Research Network, a public institution operating in the field of information and communication technology and its application in education).

The paper was presented on 26th October 2022 and was the foundation for a book chapter:

Images of Incoming: A Critical Account of a (Mostly) Postdigital Photovoice Project with Rural Migrant Women in Northern Ireland and Canada.

Tess Maginess, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 
Amea Wilbur, University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada.
Elena Bergia, Anthropologist, independent researcher,

The chapter will appear in Postdigital Research, Eds.  Petar Jandrić, Alison MacKenzie, and Jeremy Knox. Springer (forthcoming 2023).

A draft of this chapter also appears below.

Also, please find below a list of where the research was disseminated or recognized in Canada/UFV:

  • Cultural Diversity Award Nominee (Fraser Valley)
  • New Canadian Media article
  • Exhibits at UFV and Vancouver Community College
  • Article in Perspectives Magazine (Not yet published)
  • 2 Academic Conferences (Metropolis 2022 and the Canadian Association for the Studies of Adult Education 2023)
  • Faculty micro-lecture
  • President’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion Calendar for 2023


University of Fraser Valley