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PROMED-EX Recruitment

Promed ex recruitment poster v3

Researchers at the Centre for Public Health are testing if eating a better diet or having a more active lifestyle can prevent memory loss in older age.   

You may be suitable to take part in this 6 month research study (The PROMED-EX Trial) if you: 

  • Are aged 60+ 
  • Eat less food than you use to/have a poor appetite 
  • Have noticed problems with your memory  
  • Consider yourself to be a normal weight or underweight 

In this study, researchers will test the effect of a 6-month protein enriched Mediterranean diet, with or without exercise, on the risk of poor nutrition and cognitive (memory and thinking ability) decline in older adults in Northern Ireland.  

Researchers will recruit 105 older adults living in the community who are at risk of poor nutrition and who have noticed a decline in their memory but have not been diagnosed with a cognitive impairment.  

Participation will involve three 2-hour visits over a 6-month study period and a fourth visit if you are assigned to either of the intervention groups (Diet or Diet and exercise programmes). All volunteers will complete health, lifestyle and memory checks during each visit and will be compensated for any travel expenses.  

This research will help the study team learn more about the links between diet, lifestyle and memory loss and will help develop evidence-based guidelines to prevent undernutrition and cognitive decline in older adults. 

If you are interested in taking part in the PROMED-EX study or would like more information, the study Participant Information Sheet can be found here.

Alternatively, you can register your interest in the study below: