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WHO Collaborating Centre

This WHO Collaborating Centre (CC) strives to bring more attention to the application of complex systems and network science approaches to NCD prevention and control, to build capacity in these skills, and to formulate innovate ways to address NCDs, particularly at the city/population level. We have identified three key areas for global action for tackling NCDs: find new complex systems and network science-based approaches to address NCDs and related issues; capacity building in core skills to apply complex systems and network science to NCD and related issues; and, development of tools and resources to facilitate the application of these methods.

The WHOCC will: 

  1. Bolster the application of complex systems and network science towards implementing commitments made at the World Health Assembly and other global governance fora.
  2. Provide technical guidance and assistance related to various proposed global and national NCD policies and innovative actions that aim to address the problems posed by NCDs and related challenges, particularly at the city/population level.