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Ulster Archaeological Monographs are a series of archaeological reports and studies which are larger than would fit within the confines of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology. A major aim is to publish large excavation reports, in PDF format, to be downloaded freely from this website. Monographs may be read using the free Adobe Reader.

 The monographs are designed to function as standard academic publications. However, electronic publication is not only cheaper than print but also permits some new developments, particularly to help those who wish to use the publications during research.

  1. Each monograph is issued as a PDF in colour. Text and illustrations in the PDFs will print at full size on A4 paper.
  2. The PDFs exploit the facilities which PDF format allows, to jump straight to an illustration, check it out, then jump back again to read about it.
  3. Where a Figure (of a plan, a section or an artifact) has a scale specified in its caption, measuring the PDF of that Figure with appropriate PDF-reading software will give the reader correct measurements without the need to print it out on paper.
  4. Each monograph consists of a Principal Text (comprising main text, appendices, figures, plates and tables) which is in PDF format.
  5. Each monograph also contains an Annexe of Schedules (containing, for example, records of on-site and post-excavation data) supplied in other computer file formats suitable to the nature of the data.
  6. The data files in the Annexe are intended to make information available to researchers in standard file formats, normally open standard formats. The data files do not constitute a full archive of the work reported. They are analogous to the data often supplied in a DSR (Data Structure Report). The data files, compressed into one single file, are added as an attachment to the PDF. They can be saved and expanded, then read and used with appropriate software.

Offers of proposed monographs are welcome. Details of the UAM House Style may be obtained from Ulster Archaeological Monographs, as may details of the Content and Format appropriate to an Annexe of Schedules. Please email enquiries to

Individual Monographs

  1. Excavations at Carnmeen Ringfort Co. Down, 2006-07