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Ulster Journal of Archaeology

About the Ulster Journal of Archaeology

The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, a peer-reviewed academic journal, is the longest established and foremost repository of excavation reports and other papers on archaeological research in Ulster.  The Journal acts as a conduit to disseminate the results of these across the world.  The Journal is one of the most highly-regarded sources of archaeological information on the island of Ireland and is internationally recognised as such.  The Journal also publishes papers on history, material culture and folklore.

The First Series of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology was edited by RS MacAdam and ran from 1853 to 1861.  A Second Series, from 1894 to 1911, was edited by FJ Bigger.  In the 1930's E. Estyn Evans (lecturer in Geography at QUB), Oliver Davies (lecturer in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at QUB) and five prominent members of the Belfast Naturalists Field Club (BNFC) and Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society (BNHPS) re-founded the Ulster Journal of Archaeology as a Third Series. Volume 1 of the Third Series appeared in 1938 with Oliver Davis as Editor.  Eighty years on, the current editor of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology is Cormac Bourke.


Previous volumes of UJA

To make it easier to find a specific article we have compiled a contents list for each series of the Journal

1st series

2nd series

3rd series



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