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The Windsor Framework

The Windsor Framework was announced by the European Commission and the UK Government on 27 February 2023.

It comprised a series of declarations either adopted at the time or proposed for adoption as well as legal texts proposed for subsequent adoption either jointly in the EU-UK Joint Committee or unilaterally by the EU.

The purpose of the documents, according to the Political Declaration adopted by the European Commission and the UK Goverment, is to provide 'practical and sustainable measures that the Government of the United Kingdom and the European Commission consider necessary to address, in a definitive way, unforeseen circumstances or deficiencies that have emerged since the start of the Protocol'. As such the Windsor Framework was designed to provide a 'new way forward' for the implementation of the Protocol based on 'new data sharing agreements, arrangements on customs, agri-food, medicines, VAT and excise, State aid / subsidy control, as well as specific instruments designed to ensure that the voices of the people of Northern Ireland are better heard on specific issues particularly relevant to the communities there'.

The project webpages have been updated (e.g. Institutional Framework for Managing the Protocol) have been updated and new pages added (e.g. on the Stormont Brakes and stakeholder engagement) to reflect the agreement on the Windsor Framework. For discussions of the Windsor Framework, see the dedicated section under Protocol Analysis. And for how voters in Northern Ireland view the Windsor Framework, see the findings of the 'extra' Testing the Temperature poll (March 2023) commissioned for this project as well as the latest regular Testing the Temperature polls . 

The full set of Windsor Framework documents comprises:

Accompanying these documents:

The UK shortly afterwards proposed domestic legislation and an Explanatory Memorandum for a second 'Stormont Brake'.

* While the texts published on the Windsor Framework website of the European Commission and the UK Government are identical in content, the UK Government version of the Political Declaration omits 'Windsor' from the title.